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Radiologic Technologist

Posted: Sep 13, 2022 Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation
Job Number: RAD-22-00003
Contact Name: Byron Bizardi
Agency: No

Facility: Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation
Location: Tuba City, Arizona
Degree: ASST (R)
Perm/Temp: Perm
Workload: Full Time
Supervisory Exp.: No
Certifications: ARRT in Radiology; Basic Life Support
Position Type:
  • Hospital
  • General X-Ray / Radiography
Date Posted: 09/13/2022
Contact Information
Job Number: RAD-22-00003
Contact Name: Byron Bizardi
Company: Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation
Agency: No
Fax: 928-283-2042
Website: Visit Website
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This position provides specialized diagnostic and therapeutic medical services on an inpatient and outpatient basis in the areas of Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatrics, General and Orthopedic Surgery, Anesthesiology, Radiology, urology, Optometry/Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Ear/Nose/Throat (ENT). The purpose of this position is to serve as the Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist and is responsible for the technical operation of radiologic x-ray equipment and the processing of radiographic images.


  1. Independently performs radiographic examinations. Trains and critiques the work of another technologist, provides assistance when procedures require it. Produces ionizing radiation within a safe permissible range as to achieve quality images. Provide proper patient protection in accordance with prescribed safety standards related to radiographic examination. Secure the confidence and cooperation of patients during examinations and procedures. Assists physicians and radiologists in administering opaque media for all contrast prescribed radiographic examination. Monitors vital signs and notifies radiologists of any significant changes. Assists in performing emergency first aid if required and delegated areas of authority in the performance of routine and special procedures, involving various tomographic examinations.
  2. Schedules patients for examination, evaluates request for critical and/or emergency procedures and changes the schedule to accommodate patients of a higher priority. Receives patients, explores methods or procedures, positions patients and makes the exposures necessary for requested examinations. Explain procedures to the patient, positions and transfers patients to table for examination. Independently performs standardized examinations, determines the appropriate thickness for technique, and recognizes standard targeting techniques necessary to complete the examination. Confers with the Radiologist in order to establish the requirements of non-standardized examinations, appropriate targeting techniques, and/or other deviations required performing a complete examination. Maintains required daily logs of all patients, examinations performed, images taken, etc., as well as general office work entering exams into the RIS, completion of paperwork, sending images to the PACS and/or Teleradiology providers.
  3. Radiologic technologist can be responsible for quality control activities which include making minor adjustments to equipment. Performs daily-required calibration tests and recording appropriate equipment errors in the log. Recognizes equipment malfunctions, contacts appropriate Service Engineer, describes problem and communicates the engineer's response to supervisor and other technologists. After repair of equipment, incumbent verifies that the Service Engineer has performed post repair quality control tests, which indicate that the equipment is operating in accordance with manufacturer's specifications and standards. Assists the Branch of Radiology in developing, establishing, and monitoring techniques and procedures fundamental to instituting and maintaining a Radiographic Quality Control program through, (1) Printer monitoring and control, (2) Monitoring equipment performance, and (3) monitoring accessory equipment (ie. PACS Cube, Vitrea 3D workstation). The incumbent is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and updating a policy and procedure manual for this specialized area of the Branch of Radiology Services.
  4. Practices sterile technique and prevents cross-contamination in various examinations. Ensures that sterile supplies, contrast materials, catheters and other required equipment are present and set up. Maintains patient records, x-ray file folders, check out files, quality assurance records, current operating policy manuals and other materials as necessary to insure adequate patient treatment and referral as necessary. Keeps repair and maintenance records of the unit. Procures stores and routes supplies for room preparation, recommends the procurement and necessity for maintenance and servicing of equipment.
  5. May be required to ‘take call’ as part of the regular call/standby rotation.
  6. Responsible for electronic health records data entry pertinent to patient service role prior to duties as assigned or where it is appropriate to place.
  7. Ensure proper PPE is always worn while on duty including but not limited to, face mask, gloves, gown, isolation gown, NIOSH-approved N95 filtering face piece respirator or higher, if available), and eye or face shield.
  8. Complete all donning and doffing tasks in a safe acceptable method and discard of used PPE accordingly. (see CDC website for most current updates)
  9. Complete task training for all routine cleaning and decontamination processes for all surfaces contaminated by a communicable disease to ensure a high level of patient, visitor, employee, and external customer satisfaction
  10. Perform other duties as assigned.



Must have successfully completed radiology training from an AMA approved school of Radiology


  • Must have successfully completed training in the radiology field and have at least 3 years’ experience.
  • Must have expertise to operate teleradiology and fax equipment


  • Must possess a current valid Arizona State License in Radiology (R), ARRT Certification in Radiology ARRT (R).
  • Must have and maintain a current valid certification of the following throughout employment:
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) from the American Heart Association