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Millennium Physician Group seeking Diagnostic Radiologists to join their Imaging Centers in Florida

Subspecialty: Diagnostic Radiology

Posted: Mar 21, 2019 Millennium Physician Group
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Job Number:
Contact Name: Kim Myers
Agency: No

Facility: Millennium Physician Group
Location: Port Charlotte and Fort Myers, Florida
Degree: MD
Years Partnership: N/A
Board Status: Board Certified
Fellowship Required: No
Beginning Comp.: Negotiable
Potential Comp.: Negotiable
Perm/Locum: Perm ASAP
Workload: Full Time
Position Type:
  • Clinic
Date Posted: 03/21/2019
Contact Information
Job Number:
Contact Name: Kim Myers
Company: Millennium Physician Group
Agency: No
Website: Visit Website
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Millennium Physician Group seeking Diagnostic Radiologists to join their Imaging Centers in Florida
Subspecialty: Diagnostic Radiology

Diagnostic Radiologist

Radiologists are physicians who perform and interpret diagnostic imaging tests and interventional procedures or treatments that involve the use of X-Rays, ultrasounds, mammograms, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear scans, fluoroscopy, positron emission tomography (PET), and Dexa. After the images are interpreted, the information is used by other medical professionals in diagnosing the patient and developing a suitable treatment plan.

Radiologists interact with every aspect of medicine: pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics, internal medicine and all sub-specialties. Radiologists are "doctors' doctors" and "problem solvers". While radiologists do not provide treatment, they have to possess an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and medical principles that relate to human health. Apart from that, they also have to be well versed with technology since they are required to work with computers frequently. In addition, they must be keen on detail, and they must possess excellent analytical skills. Radiologists need to possess good interpersonal skills to enable them to work comfortably with other healthcare professionals.

Radiologist License Certification: Radiologists must hold a medical degree from an accredited institution. Also, they must have a Florida medical license; they have to pass a certification exam specific to their area of focus. In addition, the radiologist must be board certified.

Radiologists Responsibilities

  • Perform, read, interpret diagnostic imaging procedures including X-Rays, ultrasounds, mammograms, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear scans, positron emission tomography (PET), Dexa, and Fluoroscopy.
  • Read/interpret images, diagnose patient illness/issues, dictate reports, and record results for review by physicians.
  • Communicate, recommend and discuss/review treatment options with other radiologists and referring physicians. Communicate examination results or diagnostic information to referring physicians, patients, or families.
  • Provide “wet reads” upon request.
  • Work with radiologic technologists, and other health professionals in administering treatment.
  • Review patient histories, prior studies, and medical histories.
  • Perform interventional procedures such as image-guided biopsy.
  • Coordinate radiological services with other medical activities.
  • Provide counseling to radiologic patients to explain the processes, risks, benefits, or alternative treatments.
  • Develop or monitor procedures/protocols to ensure adequate quality of images.
  • Document the performance, interpretation, or outcomes of all procedures performed.
  • Evaluate medical information to determine patients' risk factors, such as allergies to contrast agents, or to make decisions regarding the appropriateness of procedures.
  • Confer with medical professionals regarding image-based diagnoses.
  • Instruct radiologic staff in desired techniques, positions, or projections.
  • Obtain patients' histories from electronic records, patient interviews, dictated reports, or by communicating with referring clinicians.
  • Recognize or treat complications during and after procedures, including blood pressure problems, pain, over sedation, or bleeding.
  • Interpret images using computer-aided detection or diagnosis systems.
  • Review or transmit images and information using picture archiving or communications systems.
  • Administer or maintain conscious sedation during and after procedures.
  • Administer radiopaque substances by injection, orally, or as enemas to render internal structures and organs visible on x-ray films or fluoroscopic screens.
  • Establish or enforce standards for protection of patients or personnel.
  • Develop treatment plans for radiology patients.
  • Participate in continuing education activities to maintain and develop expertise.
  • Participate in quality improvement activities.
  • Provide advice on types or quantities of radiology equipment needed to maintain facilities
  • Provide direct supervision for facilities where required.
  • Maintain certifications and licensure as required by the state of Florida.

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